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Peptight skin renewal serum uses the most advanced skincare ingredients containing the peptide Matrixyl 3000, scientifically tested to penetrate the dermis of the skin using NANO technology.

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"I purchased the facial wash as it was non-alcohol based. On my first use I was amazed my skin felt tighter and cleaner almost as though I'd had a lift." ...more

Derma Re-Work Cosmoceutical
Low Density 100% Pure Hyaluronic Acid - Trial Size!


This HA Serum is 100% pure high grade, low density, vegetable based, product far superior to other forms of HA. It is able to penetrate and hydrate the inner dermis of the skin.

As we age the body gradually slows down the process of manufacturing HA in the body naturally.

HA is very effective when applied topically, using NANO technology, it transports the serum into the skin to moisturise and smooth facial lines, it has the ability to hold water, acts as a space filler in the derma layers, between the skin cells.

It keeps collagen hydrated and healthy, provides, structure, texture and tone, reverses environmental damage. It’s nature’s best skin moisturiser and functions as an anti-oxidant.

Natural and chemical free HA serum, which only contains, aqua, HA and nitrogen (an inert replacement for air to preserve freshness).
Used by doctors, salons and exclusive spa’s for it’s 100% pure ingredients, non irritant.


10ml bottle, online price: £12

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